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Yes!! We can embroidery nylon halters

About Us

  Welcome to Mr. Mike's Mini Tack Shack

Mr. Mike's Mini Tack Shack is a small, family-run business. We believe that purchasing miniature horse tack should be as stress-free as possible that is why we strive to carry a complete line of miniature horse tack at reasonable prices.  We purchased our first mini for our granddaughter, and just like potato chips, we had to have more.  We have been raising miniature horses for over 15 years.    We found it hard to get miniature horse tack that really fits, works, and lasts.  We recognized the need to help others find these products and started Mr. Mike's Mini Tack Shack, helping the Mini Horse community acquire products that we used ourselves.
Thanks to all of our wonderful customers, our business is growing.
        We love hearing from you.     
We strive to provide our customers with a variety of selections, best product quality, and low prices.