Cart Shipping – Mr Mikes Mini Tack Shack

Yes!! We can embroidery nylon halters

Cart Shipping

Carts are shipped Truck Freights due to weight and size.   Please check shipment for any visual and concealed damage prior to accepting your shipment.    Prior to accepting a damage shipment , please call us immediately at 901-493-5584.. All visual damage must be noted prior to accepting shipment. Pictures must be taken. Depending the amount /type of damage, we might advise you to refuse shipment  Any concealed damage must be reported within 24 hours of accepting shipment.  Original crate and/or boxes along with packaging must be kept and made available for inspection by the truck lines representative.

Once cart is shipped,  any storage fees or any extra delivery cost  incurred with the  delivery of the cart shipment  from the truck line  is your responsibility.